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Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea for romantic honeymoon vacation

Tahiti Wedding Celebrations

Moorea & Bora Bora/Tahiti
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Tahitian Honeymoon and Vacation weddings and Honeymoons

Start your honeymoon in paradise by celebrating your future together in the traditional Polynesian style. Whether it be a wedding, an exchange or renewal of personal vows, or a special anniversary, a traditional Tahitian ceremony* is, for many, a dream come true. As each of the ceremonies featured here has its unique flavor, ranging from simple to lavish, you can choose the experience that best fits your fantasy.

* These ceremonies are not legal weddings. Couples intending to marry legally can do so at home and then exchange personal vows at one of these celebrations.

Moorea Wedding and Honeymoon

Sofitel Ia Ora Moorea
"Subaquatical Wedding" Arrive at the hotel’s flowered floating chapel by outrigger canoe. The couple dives into the water, and the ceremony takes place underwater. Returning to the chapel, the couple is given a wedding certificate and Tahitian names and dressed in wedding pareos. The celebration continues with champagne and music. Cost is $1480.

InterContinental Beachcomber Resort Moorea
"Traditional Polynesian Wedding Ceremony" The bride, surrounded by dancers and musicians, waits on the beach for the groom who arrives by outrigger canoe. The couple exchanges vows, adorning each other with Tiare garlands. They are wrapped in a Tifaifai (a magnificent handmade quilt) and presented their Tahitian names, written on tapa. Following the ceremony, champagne, canapes and a “bed of flowers.” Cost is $1475.

Tiki Village
Re-enact a lavish traditional Tahitian wedding or anniversary ceremony dressed as a Tahitian princess and chief. A Tahitian priest performs the ceremony at a stone temple, accompanied by the songs and dances of the local villagers. You are presented with flower leis and heis, a tapa marriage certificate, champagne, and photos of the ceremony. Cost is approximately $895.

The “royal” ceremony includes the groom arriving by royal canoe, Tahitian dances, and a romantic lagoon cruise with musicians and champagne. Cost is approximately $1100.


Tahiti Wedding and Honeymoon

InterContinental Beachcomber Resort Tahiti
The groom arrives by outrigger canoe and the bride is escorted along the shore by a vahine dancer to the sound of ukuleles and guitars. Dressed in traditional costume, the bride and groom exchange Tiare leis and are wrapped in a Tifaifai (a handmade quilt) as the ceremony unfolds at water’s edge.
Cost is $1050.


Bora Bora Wedding and Honeymoon

Sofitel Marara Bora Bora
A charming ceremony on the beach includes traditional flower leis and heis, local musicians and dancers, a special dinner with wedding cake at La Perouse Restaurant, and flower decoration of your bungalow. Cost is $630.

Sofitel Motu Bora Bora
Arriving by outrigger canoe, the groom meets his bride on the beach where they are escorted by dancers to the top of the hill for the ceremony overlooking the lagoon and facing Mt. Otemanu. A romantic dinner is served in your bungalow. Cost is $1095.

InterContinental Beachcomber Resort Bora Bora
"Traditional Polynesian Wedding Ceremony" on the beach at sunset, with traditional costumes, flowers, dancers and musicians. The groom arrives by outrigger canoe. The couple exchanges Tiare leis and is given Tahitian names and a tapa marriage certificate. A “bed of flowers,” champagne and wedding cake await the couple in their bungalow. Dinner at the Noa Noa Restaurant concludes the festivities. Cost is $1745.

Hotel Bora Bora
The “Polynesian Ceremony” is performed at sunset with musicians and dancers. You'll be adorned with Tiare flower garlands and leis. Receive a souvenir tapa cloth certificate. Cost is approximately $780.

The “Marriage of Hearts” ceremony is performed by the captain aboard a catamaran at sunset. Flower heis, champagne and canapes are included. Cost is approximately $835.

Bora Bora Lagoon Resort
Dressed in white pareos, flower leis and heis, you celebrate at this beach ceremony, accompanied by traditional songs and dances. Following the ceremony is a sunset canoe cruise with cocktails and music, and a candlelight dinner at the Otemanu Restaurant. Photos of the ceremony included. Cost is approximately $1250.

Le Meridien
Set on the white sand beach facing Mount Otemanu, the couple is dressed in pareos. The groom arrives by outrigger canoe. Flower crowns and vows are exchanged amid Tahitian songs and dance. A sunset cruise with champagne and canapes and a romantic dinner served in the restaurant or bungalow follow. The couple receives a wedding certificate made from tapa and 12 photos. Cost is $1500.

Note: Prices may change due to the rate changes between the US dollar and Pacific French Franc.

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