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Hawaiian Adventures

Whale Watching
This is one trip that you will want to bring along your video and plenty of film to shoot the antics of the 45-ton humpbacks in action.
Oahu • $36

Bike Down Haleakala Sunrise Tour
It’s the worlds longest downhill bicycle cruise, from the 10,023 foot elevation of Mount Haleakala, 38 miles down to the seaside town of Pa’ia. This will be a memorable adventure of a lifetime.
Maui • $125

Beach and Waterfall Hike Adventure #18
Beach and waterfall hike adventure! ..After an exciting hike through lush rainforests to a hidden waterfall snorkel and boogieboard or sunbathe at Hawaii's best beaches...
Oahu • $55

Wild Dolphins & Turtles - Kayak/Snorkel Adventure
Kayak, snorkel and enjoy a short hiking trip. See spinner dolphins, turtles, tropical fish and much more.
Maui • $82

Beach Adventure #17
Beach Adventure! ..Learn to Boogieboard and snorkel or sunbathe at Hawaii's most beautiful beaches...
Oahu • $30

Pele's Delight Flight (Hilo Departure)
Fly through Volcanoes National Park and adjacent Waterfalls.
Hawaii's Big Island • $75

Kayak, Snorkel & Hike Combo Adventures
Kayak and snorkel at close proximity to Dolphins and Turtles. Hike through ancient ruins of Hawaiian Villages and Temples.
Maui • $82

Rain Forest/Waterfall Adventure Hike #16
Take a dip in a secluded waterfall; hike well-maintained paths and learn about Hawaii's legends, history, flora, and archeology ..Explore Oahu! see lush rainforests, smell exotic flowers! feel the mist of a hidden waterfall...
Oahu • $35

Marine Reserve Kayak Snorkel Eco-Adventure
Kayak and snorkel adventure.
Maui • $61

USS Missouri Excursion #2
Explore the Historical Battleship Missouri.
Oahu • $

Sail on the 40ft. catamaran "Ho'o Nanea" from Haleiwa on Oahu's north shore for snorkeling with tropical fish, turtles and beautiful coral formations. Lunch and soft drinks included.
Oahu • $56

Diamond Head Adventure Shuttle #14
Diamond Head Crater Adventure Shuttle! Climb the summit and enjoy a 360' view of Waikiki and the South Shore.
Oahu • $20

Exotic Hiking Adventures, Coastal Hike
See ancient Hawaiian ruins of temples and villages, lava rock cliffs and cave. Snorkel secret coves. Easy hike and no climbing.
Maui • $134

Turtle Tour & Snorkel Adventure
Kayak and snorkel with endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.
Maui • $61

Whale Watching - Star of Honolulu
Go where the whales are with the Star of Honolulu! Guaranteed Sightings or a free return standard ticket (without meal) until a whale is spotted (Jan 1-April 30)
Oahu • $28

NaPali Snorkel Picnic Sail
Cruise to the northern coast of the island; snorkel at one of our favorite spots (gear provided); sightsee the famous NaPali coast w/ narration of history and lore of the area; sail quietly and take in the beauty of the pristine coastline; enjoy a scrumptious Deli lunch; departs from Port Allen.
Kauai • $114

Kona Circle Island Volcano Flight
Circle Island Volcano and Waterfall Flight.
Hawaii's Big Island • $203

Exotic Hiking Adventures, Jungle Adventure
Explore the Bamboo and Rain Forests and pick wild fruit. Enjoy waterfalls, swim in cool mountain pools and hike through swinging bridges. Easy hike.
Maui • $134

Whale watch & Snorkel Adventure (December-March)
Kayak out to observe Humpback Whales up-close and snorkel.
Maui • $63

Sunset Delight Kayak/Snorkel
Kayak to where you can experience spectacular Maui sunsets and snorkel with tropical fish.
Maui • $61

Wild Dolphin Kayak/Snorkel Adventure
Kayak and snorkel. See spinner dolphins, turtles, tropical fish and much more.
Maui • $61

Scuba Diving Maui
Scuba Diving Maui and Molokini for the Experienced and Beginner Introductory Divers. Six Passenger Dive Boat.
Maui • $95

Waimea Canyon, North Shore Excursion
The extraordinary sights featured in our Waimea Canyon tour combined with all the features of the North Shore Excursion, gives you a total picture of Kauai. This tour is offered Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
Kauai • $63

Bike Down Haleakala Midday Tour
It’s the worlds longest downhill bicycle cruise, from the 10,023 foot elevation of Mount Haleakala, 38 miles down to the seaside town of Pa’ia. This will be a memorable adventure of a lifetime.
Maui • $115

Afternoon Snorkel Cruise
Depending on the weather, the captain will lead you to either the world renowned Molokini Crater or secluded Coral Gardens. Both dive sites provide excellent opportunities for snorkelers of all skill levels. From late December through early April, humpback whales can often be seen en route.
Maui • $42

Will Squyres Helicopter Tours
Experience the beauty and majesty of Kauai through it's legends and history as told by our experienced pilots. As you soar past waterfalls and rainbows, you will feel the "mana" (power) of Kauai. The company is FAA Part 135 and Tour Operator Program Of Safety certified with a perfect safety record.
Kauai • $169



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